" Knowledge is Power "

Francis Bacon

"A lack of tranparency results in distrups and a deep sense of insecurity "

Dalai Lama


Our business model is based on total transparency.The media invoices are send directly to our clients. All clients receive full commissions and surcommissions (avb's = agency volume bonus) immediately on invoice.


Robert&Marien's Business Model is unique in Belgium : transparency and direct media invoices.

Advantages of transparency :

Guarantee to receive neutral advice


The surcommissions (AVB's) are returned directly on invoice without the normal one year delay.


High level of negociation due to the fact that AVB's can be transformed into media space.


More implication of saleshouses in our clients' businesses. Media are frontline to our clients as we are.





Implication and experienced people 

The management guarantees its implication from the beginning to the end of clients' projets. Management is frontline.





Confident in ourselves and our clients

Robert&Marien is eventually ready to work without a contract which gives the opportunity to our clients to be free at anytime.


Robert&Marien guarantees not to receive any money from the saleshouses and this in any possible form.