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Who are we ?

Robert&Marien is a media agency which delivers strategy and buying for all media. Its business model, based on total transparency, is unique in Belgium. All clients receive 100% of the commission and surcommission (avb's = agency volume bonus) immediatly on invoice. Robert&Marien has around 65 clients and was founded in 2009.

Robert&Marien has also launched AdExpert to manage the Real Time Bidding for online buying.

Robert&Marien is partner of the worldwide network of Icom Media


Alain Marien


Passionned by golf, moto, wines and good food.

Alain has more than 25 years experiences in the mediaworld throughout Universal Media, IP, VOO and Skynet.

+32 475 60 99 18

Michel Robert


Passionned by sport, photography and vintage motos .

Michel has more than 25 years experiences in the mediaworld throughout Lowe,Universal Media, MediaBrands

+32 476 46 21 16

Eric Samson

Development Manager

Passionned by music, cinema, travelling and sports .

Eric has more than 20years experiences in the mediaworld throughout Aegis,Carat, Blyk and Kobalt U

+32 475 79 72 99

Contact us


Media Agency

T : +32 2 400.40.00
F : +32 2 400.40.01


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